Etiquette Related To Wearing Of White By The Groom And Groomsmen

Wearing of white outfit during weddings is part of the tradition; however, few modifications are made when we talk of the groom or the groomsman. They are free to wear white provided that the following guidelines are followed: be sure to stand out with white, wear white with caution, wearing white should not distract others attention, and pick other shades of white.

Wearing white-colored suit during a wedding is based on our tradition, which is symbolic of many things. For many, it may mean purity of heart and chastity, while for others like to relate it with elegance. Here are some of the rules related to wearing of white by the groom and the groomsman:

Be sure to stand out with white

Since the bride is not the only one who deserves the center of attraction, the groom can also wear white suit like tuxedo to make him stand out from the crowd. White is a radiant color that is capable of reflecting and shining brightly when worn in the presence of lights. Wearing of white suit will create a beautiful glow that can catch ones attention. Aside from white, black and gray are the recommended colors because they project elegance and sophistication.

Wear white with caution

The role of the groomsman is to assist the groom as much as possible during the wedding ceremony up to the reception area. He is an important figure who contributes a lot for the success of the wedding vow. However, it doesn’t mean that his presence would take away the attention the groom deserves. You should not outshine the groom by wearing a suit that is somewhat similar to his. This will lead the attendees out of focus if the groomsman will wear stunning attire.

Wearing white should not distract others attention

Wearing the traditional attire, which is white color, is not really a problem. The decision still depends on the preference of the couple. As long as the attire does not distract others attention, one can wear white but definitely with a style that is not that conspicuous. Do not mislead the guests as to who the groom is by wearing incomparable attire.

Pick other shades of white

If you really feel that there is a need for the groomsmen to wear white suits, pick a shade that is a little lighter or a bit darker than white. This may occur when traditions dictate you to do so, wherein you are left with no choice but to follow. The alternative colors may include off-white, cream, dirty white, and eggshell – all are shades of white. This is to help the guests differentiate the groom from the groomsmen. You must always remember that the wedding day is his day and not yours; therefore, give him a chance to shine on this very day. Give him the privilege to receive all the applause that is due to him.