Fireman Wedding Cake Toppers

If you have started planning a fireman wedding then you might be thinking about black, red, yellow and brass of fireman regalia and fire trucks. If you are going to marry in the fire hall, then ideally a fire truck could be your topper to the ceremony. Fireman wedding cake toppers will show your penchant about the profession. For this classy treat, such settings are built with gorgeous neo-classical flair. To make this even more charming, along with the cake, you could further look for fireman-related ornaments in the form of hydrants, dalmations, Maltese crosses or matchbox-style fire trucks. To feel the authenticity, wrap attractive copper or silver wire around the middle of the ornament, then bring up and form into a simple coil to create your own place card holders.

The bride dragging her fireman groom as a fireman wedding cake topper is a fabulous choice. In this topper, scratch marks made from the groom and it is great for the groom cake. Climbing fireman with bride wedding figure is a perfect fireman wedding cake topper in which each of the figures is fine porcelain. You might get helmet which comes with figures and there is an insert on the groom that attaches to the cake. Climbing fireman to bride wedding figures and no frills fire bride dragging fireman are some better example of fireman wedding cake toppers. In both these figures, the fireman bride is dragging her fireman groom.

In fireman helmet wedding cake topper, bride wears a black helmet and extinguisher in hand with scratch marks made from the groom. This could be an alterative fireman wedding cake topper for those not wanting figures on their wedding cake. Fire engine wedding cake topper is a gold plated fire engine adorned with sparkling swarovski crystals. In this figure, wheels really work and it could be a great birthday or retirement gift. Mini fire heart axe type of fireman wedding cake topper contains wooden handle. It encompasses heart in the middle of the black blade.