How To Plan A Post Wedding Reception

Many modern brides and grooms are starting to realize that the traditional wedding program no longer works for them. This is prompting many to experiment with other options.

Post wedding reception is the one even that has started to experience quite a surge in popularity in recent times, this is because it allows the people who didn’t get a chance to attend the wedding ceremony for whatever reason an opportunity to celebrate with the newly weds afterwards.

Why plan a post wedding reception?

Post wedding reception usually take place a week or a month after the main event, and after the honeymoon is done. An increasing number of couples are choosing Post Wedding Reception because:

* They eloped and had no one present at their ceremony.

* They had a private ceremony due to religious reasons

* They had a destination wedding and couldn’t bring everyone along.

* They preferred to keep their wedding a private and intimate affair

Other also decide to have a post wedding reception because they have families spread across the country i.e. bride and groom from different states could could hold their wedding ceremony and reception in the grooms state and leave for their honeymoon, and when they return, they could plan a second reception in the brides home state for folks who weren’t able to travel with them to the ceremony.

Invitation for a post wedding reception

Wording is everything in post wedding reception, your guests will have to understand that the invitation is to a party, open house or brunch after the marriage has taken place and not for the ceremony itself. The wording of your post wedding reception must make this very clear so as to avoid hurting any feelings.

You should also inform the guests of what to wear since they won’t be attending a ceremony. Let them know if they can bring gifts along and any additional information should be carried in a disclaimer at the end of the invitation.

Here is sample wording for receptions and open house after the honeymoon

Based on motivation behind the brides and grooms choice of a post wedding reception, a number of options are necessary for the wording of the invitations.

For those that eloped

* We just could not wait,

* Kindly join us for an open house

* Lets all share the happy date!

For private wedding

* Peter and Mary

* We’re now husband and wife

* On June 13, 2015

Etiquette for Post Reception Wedding

Parties and open houses following a wedding are usually informal as opposed to traditional wedding reception. They can be held in the afternoon and may also include a brunch. Of-course this rules aren’t carved on stone and you can doing in any manner that pleases you both.

The rise in destination wedding is making post wedding reception very popular and the same for brides and grooms residing in separate states. Reasons for wanting a post wedding reception are many and finding the proper wording for invitations is critical to the success of the event.