Impact Of Punjabi Culture On Bollywood

Inevidently, a big number of dance tunes in the newest Bollywood movies that are instantly foot tapping have Punjabi beats and lyrics, which give them a distinctive flavour from other kinds of Bollywood music. These Punjabi fun songs are normally big hits and can be heard playing in the discotheques and pubs all over India for several months past and before the release of the movie.

A Lot of the latest Bollywood movies like Singh is King, Jab We Met and Love Aaj Kal were based on a Punjabi theme and they turned out to be large hits. A big Punjabi joint family has become a very well known backdrop among the directors for storylines of Hindi films in the last few of years.

The Punjabi setting and funk is so popular that several times the director does not even feel the need of having a Punjabi character in the film. Just a couple of Punjabi songs that have Bhangra music lend the film good support and popularity. And in fact, most of this music becomes very popular.

The Punjabi background and cultural setting has also been used in foreign cinema such as in movies like Bend it Like Beckham and Monsoon Wedding. The Punjabi backdrop finds popularity with all types of audience and the loudness of the culture gives an engaging and melodramatic character to the movie.

The excitement of the culture draws interest of movie watchers from all parts of the country. Actually, this fervour is not limited to India alone – the Bhangra based songs are well known amongst people from all across the globe. No matter which part of the world you stay or are from, when the Bhangra beats play, you are bound to stand up and dance your heart out.

So, it comes as no revelation that the latest Bollywood movies are also cashing in on this worldwide phenomenon. After all, it’s making good money for the new Hindi movies’ producers.