Latest Trends In Indian Wedding Cards

Invitation cards are a mandatory part of all the Indian weddings. Selecting an Indian wedding card, irrespective of the religion, is no less than a serious matter of several days involving a lot of considerations amongst a lot of important people in the family; thus playing a pivotal role in the marriage. Some people use these as a gesture to continue the age old ritual of sending invitation prevalent during those times when there were no other means of invitation. Some people send them to showcase their taste and style through customized invitations. Some people send them just to avoid unnecessary complexities which might among their relatives having orthodox mindset!

Recent Trends in Indian Wedding Cards

Since the olden days, these Indian wedding cards have come a long way and have evolved a lot in style and elegance. Today they stand for style, personality and also depict the invitees class! Following are some of the latest trends seen in Indian wedding cards-

3D texture is used in Indian wedding cards as a highlighter these days. Such an element is seen as unique. This can be a plastic or metal religious symbol pasted on the front page, or a flower on top, or just laces and wires used as decorative.

Couple sketches or pictures are also quite prevalent in some Indian wedding cards. Ideally engagement pictures are used for the purpose. It also adds a personalized touch.

The wordings chosen in Indian wedding cards have also moved from formal to a casual tone. A special care is taken here so that they appear to be woven with extra love and affection and do not look arrogant or too blunt.

Judge the book by its cover is the new mantra! The couples to be have always taken care in designing and accessorising their marriage cards, but now they even pay attention to how the envelope looks like!

The retro look is in these days. From offbeat silvers and pastel shades, the Indian wedding cards are again going back to older richer designs and floral vine decorations. Vintage fonts and other classy designs are also in. they even include quotes and sayings from ancient scriptures.

Wedding theme also plays an important role in designing the invite. If the theme is royal wedding, the wedding card might be in a Farman or scroll pattern.

The use of handmade paper is also on a rise as seen in the selection of Indian wedding cards. These cards bring on an elegant texture, also being environment friendly.