Metals Of Wedding Ring The Popular Ones

There are many beliefs and counter beliefs related to wedding rings and also with engagement rings. One of them which is very common is wearing the ring on the ring finger. It is however known to all that the wedding ring is worn on the ring finger, but on which hand, depends on the place where the couple belongs. As for example in western countries it is worn on the left hand, whereas in countries like Russia, Germany, Bulgaria and others it is the custom to wear it on the right hand ring finger. Now the question is why is it worn on the ring finger? It had been believed that the ring finger is the vein love and this is why the tradition started on of wearing the wedding ring on the ring finger. The perfect circle of the wedding ring also has its own symbolic presentation. It is believed that it represents the eternity of love.

Now the matter is of choosing ones wedding ring. In most cases it is seen that the couples look for a matching wedding ring for both. This doesnt mean that you are bound to choose matching wedding rings. The perfect is that which meets with the taste of both of them. The two may have different types of wedding rings according to their choice. And if both are satisfied, only then it can be said that it is the perfect choice of wedding rings.

Yellow alloy of gold, hardened with copper and Silver or tin and bismuth have got a chance to make the list complete. Copper, silver, tin or bismuth is used to make the gold more durable and hard. Now a day a trend is that wedding ring can not be made with out platinum or titanium. These are more durable and fashionable too. Platinum with white alloys of gold are demanding by the wedding couples. Slightly yellow white gold alloys which was used with gold is now replaced with cheaper nickel-gold alloy with a plating of rhodium. This can be cheap than before but it is it is not at all durable and good. As we have said earlier that titanium has become a hot element for making a wedding ring and every couple wants that. The reasons are its durability, affordability, and gunmetal grey color. Tungsten carbide is also another metal which is gradually picking its name in this list of wedding ring materials. With gold or platinum inlays tungsten carbide is used. The most inexpensive and common ring material is nickel silver. Now the most shocking and striking news in this ground is that couples are also considering stainless steel as the material for their wedding ring. It is equally durable like platinum and titanium and can be molded to a finer finish than the metals mentioned before. But probable problem is that it corrodes over time and thus do not convey a sense of permanence. That is the same problem with metals like brass, silver and copper.