Every Mc Must Be Well Prepared With Some Rib-tickling Jokes Before The Wedding Reception.

The Emcee runs the show, directs traffic and delivers some hilarious wedding jokes and one-liners like the host of a comedy show. It is therefore very important to have good, clean, humorous material in his or her arsenal.

There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to where or when the Emcee should deliver jokes. Good jokes can and have been delivered practically anywhere during the reception. However, one of the best times to share some jokes is when introducing the guest speakers. A few of the attendees who usually give speeches and toasts at most wedding receptions are the Best Man, the Maid of Honor and, of course, the Groom.

The Emcee must have enough funny material for the entire reception because there are other guests who may want to say a few words, particularly the bride and groom’s parents.

The Master of Ceremonies must not take over the proceedings with too many jokes at one time. The jokes should be spread throughout the entire program. Jokes can be delivered before the introduction of each guest speaker or after the guest has given his or her speech, or both. Balance is the key.

If the Wedding MC is not too familiar with the speakers, here is a good tip that can make things a bit easier. A few weeks before the big day, he should gather all the relevant background information from the bride and groom concerning the various guest speakers.

With some background knowledge at his disposal, he will be more confident that he will not embarrass anyone or himself by incorrectly pronouncing the person’s name or telling an inappropriate joke.

Without this background knowledge one could easily introduce the groom’s father by commenting that he is a good example to follow, not knowing that he has been divorced 4 times over the last 10 years. Before the reception, it is always a good idea to run a joke by any one of speakers if, for any reason, the MC feels it may embarrass that guest.

Another good time to give some humurous jokes is during the announcements. Throughout the reception the Emcee will be required to give a few announcements. Some of these announcements may include the arrival of the newly married couple, how long the formal part of the program will be, when the speeches and toasts will begin, the sequence in serving the meals, where and when the bouquet and garter toss will start, directions to the bar, the name of the DJ or band, and what time the dancing will commence.

Other announcements may include directions to the restrooms and where the designated smoking area is. These are great opportunities to deliver some related jokes to liven up and entertain the guests.

Jokes can also be introduced during the various activities, whether its when the meals are being served, while the guests are eating, during the selection of the music, before the sticking of the cake or during the bouquet and garter toss.

Proper selection of jokes is vital to avoid embarrassing or humiliating the audience. Generally, the use of dirty jokes which include swearing should be avoided at all cost, particularly if there are children around. Of course, there are weddings where only adults are invited and the couple may request or allow dirty jokes. One must never assume this is the case.

Wedding jokes are an important part of any wedding reception and proper delivery of jokes is essential to be successful as an Emcee. Jokes can be found almost anywhere, but it takes know-how and practice to deliver them effortlessly to bring the house down.