Mothers of Twins Share Duo Flower Girls

When the author of Twins’ Night Before Christmas, Cynthia Panks, attended her first daughter’s wedding, she was touched to see her twin granddaughters walking down the aisle as beautiful duo flower girls. Sisters are thrilled to not only take part in each others weddings, but doubly thrilled when their twin daughters participate as duo flower girls in each of their weddings.

Such was the case in each of Cynthia’s daughter’s weddings. One set of twins, at eighteen months, “walked” down the aisle with the Matron of Honor. Several years later, the next of twins, at six months of age, “strolled” down the aisle in their specially designed wedding stroller with their Mother, and Matron of Honor.

What a blessing for Twins’ Night Before Christmas author, Cynthia Panks!

“Twinsbookshelf Website”