Different Color Navratri Saris Are A Great Fun To Wear

Navratri is one of the most important festivals of India. Goddess Durga is worshipped during this festival. It is celebrated twice in a year first in April and second in October or November. It held great importance. This festival is full of dance, puja, music and enjoyment; therefore people eagerly wait for it. One more thing that has much importance is clothing. Women plays major part as there are special different nine color sarees made for them known as navratri dresses. Women adorn them with beautiful saris.

Navratri as name suggests is festival that lasts for nine days. And for these nine days different color sarees are suggested and women wear them accordingly. Like holi navratri is also festival of colors. Women in different color saris enhance show of this festival all the way more. They are particularly called navratri saris. Seeing all women in same color saris reminds us of our tradition and also entails that we are still cling to our custom. Hence navratri sarees make this festival more evident. Not only decoration is important but clothing also to instill true feeling of festival.

It is a great fun to see number of women in same color saris. All look the same. It is great to follow tradition properly and dress up accordingly. Navratri sarees are portrayal of the bond and the love that still persists between people. There is a great variety of navratri sarees. Just wearing same color sari is required not same style, design and pattern. Women are free to wear any style sari that suit them and enhance their appearance.

It is believed that goddess Durga has nine forms and nine color sarees represent them. Though it is mostly a tradition of Gujarat and Maharashtra but it has greatly spread all over India. Now during navratri all over India women wear different color saris on each of the nine days. Those nine colors are fixed but their sequence keeps changing every year. Colors are Parrot Green, Orange, Yellow, Sky Blue, Pink, Grey, Green, Ink Blue, Royal Blue and Red. Red color sari is worn on the last navratra that is Dussehra. Find out what is the order of colors for sarees this year and start doing preparation as navratri is about to come. These colors show the true spirit of devotees. It shows in true sense they are celebrating navratri and has great admiration for this festival.

Dandiya raas is another highlight of this festival. Some wait for navratris for it only. It takes place in the evening after finishing with all the daily chores. Sweets are prepared; dressing is its another important aspect. Lehenga choli is most worn attire during dandiya raas as it is comfortable and elegant in looking. Men and women dance with sticks. There is a special way of dancing and those who know enjoy to the fullest.

Navratri saris also give you chance to showcase fashion by experimenting with different style blouses, decorative accessories and jewelry. Enjoy all nine days of navratri with exclusive navratri saris.