Wedding Shirts And Indian Salwar Kameez To Dress Up For A Special Occasion

We live in a country where weddings are larger than life; and to dress impeccably for a wedding is expected out of both men and women. This is why some exclusive wedding shirts and Indian salwar kameez must be a part of your wardrobe. We help you choose the right one, based on your needs.

Wedding shirts for men:
Wedding shirts are very important attire in any mans wardrobe. Whether you are a groom looking for wedding shirts to go inside your suits or are the grooms brother or best friend, your outfit will make a stark difference to the wedding reception and the pictures captured will serve as memories you cherish forever. Hence, picking the right wedding shirts is important, and special care must be given to the colour, cut and detailing.

If it is a church wedding it is much easier because you cannot go wrong with the standard tuxedo wedding shirts. These are stylish tailor made wedding shirts which are fixed with cuff links and collar studs. These wedding shirts make sure that you stand equal to the bride who will be in her lovely gown. Grooms wearing custom dress wedding shirts with embroidery or custom accent have become the fashion nowadays. There can be various accents like the plain interior cuff and custom made plackets, collars or cuffs on wedding shirts.

For functions prior to the wedding like the Mehendi or a pooja, you do not have to necessarily wear a tuxedo shirt. A plain neutral or light coloured shirt with broad collars for a cravat or a tie makes good formal wedding shirts. You can also think of stylish shirt accents with side pleats and French cuffs as wedding shirts.

Try and avoid wearing shirts with textured materials or pin stripes as wedding shirts. When weddings are held during summer wedding shirts made of linen can be used. Whatever the fabric you are using for your wedding shirts, it has to look fashionable and classy.

Indian salwar kameez for women:
While many women do prefer sarees, salwar kameez are far more common for special occasions. The Indian Salwar Kameez has become the most favoured costume among the numerous costumes available in India, and it is not uncommon to see foreigners sporting smart Indian salwar kameez designs these days too. Traditionally it is supposed to have started its journey from the Indian state of Punjab. Now the Indian Salwar Kameez comes in different variations and styles and it has become an integral part of the wardrobe of any woman.

Churidar Kameez is the most favourite variation of the Indian Salwar Kameez. It is almost like the Indian Salwar Kameez but the difference is that the woman wears a churidar instead of the normal pajama. Churidar is the slimmer version of the salwar giving more emphasize to the ankles and knees and has a slimming effect. Kurta or Kurti Kameez is the other variation which is very famous among the youngsters now. Kurti or Kurti means a shorter kameez and women prefer to wear these Indian salwar kameez without the dupatta (the cloth used to cover the bosom). Many well-known brands are coming out with this kind of Indian Salwar Kameez because of its demand.