Great Christmas Gifts For Newlyweds

If you have a friend or friends that have just recently tied the knot, then you know that this will be their first Christmas spent together as a married couple. The holidays are already a special time of year, and being newly married just adds to the enjoyment of the season.

As you and other friends and family have already bought the newlyweds their weddings gifts, no doubt a list filled with household items and kitchenware, perhaps buying them anything similar would be redundant. Instead, there are plenty of other great gifts to get a newly married couple, for this their first Christmas together. Here’s a list of five great Christmas gifts for the happy couple to get you started.

1. Theater/Movie Tickets

Many couples love going to the theater, or at the very least seeing the newest films. You’d be hard pressed to find anyone that doesn’t like to see a movie now and again. If your newlyweds live in New York, then some Broadway tickets are a great gift for them to have a night out on the town. Even local theater tickets are a great gift if they are not in a big city. And if you are budget minded, then a gift certificate to their local movie theater will definitely be something they take advantage of. That, and there is a lot of flexibility for them to use them anytime of the year.

2. Online Movie Subscription

While going out to the movies is always fun, the rise of Internet streaming films and Pay Per View is also a great way to go. Many couples would prefer, especially on a cold winter’s night, to stay tucked up inside, cuddled up in front of the TV watching a movie or favorite TV show. Buying your newlyweds a yearly subscription to a service like Netflix is a great gift that they can appreciate all the way until next Christmas.

3. Restaurant Gift Cards

Going out to a lovely meal is something every couple likes to do. So buying your newlywed friends a gift certificate to their favorite restaurant is a great Christmas gift. The best part is that the cards are so simple to get. Almost every grocery store or pharmacy sells local restaurant gift cards, as well as websites like The ease and convenience of the gift for both you and your friends makes this a wonderful gift to give.

4. Couples Massage

With all the stress piled on from the bachelor/bachelorette parties, wedding, reception, honeymoon, and thank you cards, what newlywed couple wouldn’t love a relaxing massage at a lovely spa? And a couples massage is not only a great stress reliever, but also a romantic time to be spent together. After all, it’s times like that that they got married for in the first place.

5. Personalized Gifts

There’s nothing better than getting someone you care about a personalized gift just for them. Gift cards and such are great gifts, but the ones that will always be remembered are the ones specifically for them. Some great, personalized gifts are monogrammed towels/linens, photo albums and frames, and Christmas focused ornaments. All these gifts allow for personalized messages and engravings that the couple will hold dear forever.