Different Outdoor Wedding Covering Options

The beauty of a marquee is that you can erect it in all manner of places, from your own garden to the grounds of a stately home. But the choices dont stop there. These days youre not restricted to the traditional, white, canvas structure were all familiar with – you can choose from a whole range of options, we look at a few that are all available for weddings within the UK:

The Moroccan mazkhen is a gorgeous patterned canvas tent, which tends to be made and sourced from Morocco. The example on offer from Alternative Tents is ideal for smaller weddings, with up to around 70 guests. The vibrant colours and striking pattern of the mazhen tent make it perfect for an imaginative couple, who want their special day to have real exotic flair. You can even continue the theme inside the tent with low seating, intricate lanterns and hookah pipes.

With their solid wooden poles and natural tan coloured canvas Tipis are a great choice for a rustic celebration. Tipis can either be pitched with the sides down, or perhaps for warm, summertime weddings with the sides propped up and out to the side. What this means is that multiple tipis can be joined together to work for weddings of all sizes, from 50 to 500. Take a look at The Stunning Tents Company for more information and inspiration.

Like tipis Papakatas have a familiar triangular structure and can be combined to accommodate different numbers of wedding guests, include dance floors, stages and chill-out areas. The difference with Papakatas is that these tents were pioneered by the Sami people of Lapland. As such they can be great for couples who want to have a winter wedding but fancy an outdoors-y style. Take a look at the Papakata website to find out about winter-warming finishing touches including open fire-places, braziers, Olympic flame torches and even pelts.

For a more colourful reception venue take a look at Marquees of India, also known as Indian tents. These tents combine traditional Indian designs with modern fabrics that – most importantly – will stand up to Britains often inclement climate. Daring couples might choose to decorate these flamboyant venues with low level teak tables, velvet covered floor mats, ornate cushions and bolsters and gorgeous decorative parasols.

A couple looking for a modern, striking venue for their big day may want to look into Stretch Marquees and tents. These futuristic looking structures, sometime referred to as a Bedouin Freeform tents, tend to be made of waterproof, two-way stretch fabric making them ideal for all weather conditions. They also come in a variety of colours, are flexible enough to be built around existing obstacles and since they can be pegged or weighted down than can be erected almost anywhere.

Whichever type of marquee you opt for, for your big day – dont forget to make sure its covered by your wedding insurance. Most wedding insurance providers will give you the option to cover a marquee if marquee cover is not included in the policy as standard. Whether you opt for a tipi, Papakata or stretch Marquee or Indian Tent marquee cover should cover the structure against any damage, which should allow you to enjoy the tents – without feeling tense!