Wedding Car decoration- why bother

Decorating your wedding car is an element in the complex called “wedding preparations” there are many ways to decorate a groom and bride car and even in this small niche there are modern and innovative design along side with old fashion designs. In many places in the world decorating cars with flowers is history, although in some countries wedding cars are still mainly decorated by flower bouquets which are placed (more accurate- glued) to the car’s hood. In general- using fresh flowers is less common, and many are reluctant to use of flowers for such a task.

In the last years wedding cars get more attention than in the past, and people understand the importance of matching the wedding car decoration to the whole wedding’s theme. A decorated wedding car is a sort of a setting for the whole ceremony. Some weddings have a special theme or a special blend of colors in their design that sometimes go all the way to the groom and bride’s clothing for example if light purple or cream color were chosen as the theme colors (curtains, tables, flowers, invitations etc.) you could join your car to the theme and decorate it with matching colors.

Another very important match is the decoration’s match to the color of the car itself. If the chosen car is white- most colors will be a match and any kind of decoration would look colorful and appropriate. As mentioned earlier, car decorations are made without using balloons or flowers. The most common and effective decoration uses tulle cloth, net fabric, organza fabric and designed ponpons.

If you decided to decorate your own car, it is important for you to know what kind of car will be used, what will be its color- for example- while using a white car, I recommend using a different colored fabric(cream, pink, light purple etc.), the color of the ponpons and decoration straps’ colors should be complimentary and matching the fabrics color.

If you chose to purchase a ready-made decoration kit, order a kit that will suit the cars color and size- for example- decorating a small car with a large kit might yield an over decorated tasteless result .on the other hand – a large car decorated with two small ponpons might look ridicules rather than decorated. Even when purchasing a ready-made kit- it is important to take the size and color factors in consideration. If you are renting a car, it might be impossible to know its color in advance.

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