When A Special Occasion Comes Up An Arm Sling Can Spoil It Or Not!

When I was recovering from my broken clavicle, an important wedding was on my calendar. I couldn’t imagine wearing an ugly arm sling when all dressed up for such a special occasion. I was lucky because my seamstress sister was willing and able to make a custom sling for me to wear to match my outfit. What a relief it was for me.

If you are stowed up with an arm, clavicle or shoulder injury or are recovering from a surgery that requires use of an arm sling, you might be looking for places that can make custom slings that match your outfit or you may be wondering how to make a sling yourself.

Arm sling patterns are hard to find, but if you want to make a custom sling, you can simply use that unsightly sling that you got at the hospital as a custom sling pattern. Using a seam ripper, you can take the sling apart, pin the pieces to a sheet of material and cut out the new sling leaving enough room for the seam.

You will need enough material to make the body of the sling. The straps, buckles and other gadgets can be reused from your original sling or you can buy the pieces at a craft or sewing store. To keep the arm stable in the sling, putting a thumb ring on it helps tremendously.

The arm sling can be decorated using lace, ruffles, fringe, feathers, rhinestones, sequins, beads, or even flowers and tassels. It is only limited by your imagination. One of my favorite slings that we created is western style with leather fringe and inset turquoise stones as decorations. Some custom slings do not require decorations because the fabric completes the look, but plain fabric looks great with original accessories.

It really does not require a lot of talent. If you can make a straight seam, you won’t have tons of problems in crafting up a sling that you will be proud to wear; however, if you are stuck using only one arm it can be difficult, even for an experienced seamstress.

Do not get down in the dumps because of your injury. Rather, resort to custom arm slings to complement your style and improve your outlook on life during your recovery. It might be possible for you to find a premade sling that you will enjoy. If not, design one yourself and have a talented seamstress sew it up for you.